Would you like to join Africompassion to help bring transformation through Education, Community transformation Projects as we build the kingdom of God on earth?



Uganda/ Tanzania - Contact us: jerald@africompassion.org or Call: +255 737 214 975 and God bless you!


Bring Hope through water well!

Organize Pastors Trainings in Tanzania/Uganda

Support Community Farming God's way!

Women entrepreneurship through Microloans!!

Bring Hope through medical missions!

Support Water well projects!

Organize clean Water and sanitation trainings!

Provide Bibles for Village Gospel presentation through Discipleship!!

Donate food to feed the hungry souls!

Support Clean and safe water provision!

Sponsor a child in Tanzania/ Uganda through Africompassion!

Donate eye glasses to improve Bible reading!

Help build a classroom at Sunctuary Christian Academy and Children's Home!

Pray for the Orphans in Tanzania/Uganda!

Educate a child and change one life at a time !

Share Jesu love through Reaching out!

Organize a mission trip through Africompassion!

Bring Hope to Maasai Community through Water well, health and Education!

Restoring people to God's living truth and equipping them to passionately live it out!   

We develop and equip the local church to be the response to poverty and injustice.
The church is our platform, programs are our tools and hope in Christ is our message.

Join us on the ground and support our local churches and programs on a 11 day journey in Tanzania/Uganda. Disconnect from your everyday needs and spend time in a different culture, staying present in their needs, hopes and joy. This is your chance to serve the "least of these" (Matthew 25) thereby serving Jesus Himself.

Thank you so much for your interest in serving with Africompassion, Africa. We couldn't do what we do without the generosity, hard-work, sacrifice, and prayers from all of our volunteers. You can be a voice to those who aren't heard.


 We are stronger together for the Kingdom!!